"The Source for your Computer Security Needs"

Our Cable Security kits are an economical way to secure valuable computer and office equipment. Each kit uses a high strength " overall diameter aircraft-style steel stranded cable. The kits use sleek metal plates that bond to equipment and work surfaces. Each kit includes a brass padlock with keys, cleaning kit and industrial strength adhesive.

Securityware provides several products for use in preventing the theft of notebook and other portable computers. We have a selection of Cable Security Kits and an Entrapment Lock-Down Station that provides for maximum security of portable computers.

Entrapments, Lock-Downs,
and Cable Security Kits
for Macintosh computers.

Securityware's Lock-Down Stations provide the highest possible security at the most affordable price. They can be used to secure desktop computers, tower computers, laser printers, fax machines, TV's, and other valuable equipment.

Securityware's entrapments utilize a combination of steel plates and brackets that work in unison to provide maximum security of the computer from theft. We provide Entrapments that fit most computer manufacturers desktop and tower computers

We manufacture a variety of devices that prevent access to or use of floppy disks, CDROMs, tape drives, etc. Stops the spread of viruses and prevents the theft of data. We also provide devices for securing the computer case and protecting its internal components.

Securityware provides a variety of accessories that are included in our Cable Kits but are also available as separate items. In addition we also provide optional locks that can be either ordered with the our kits or purchased separately.